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Composite bonding, also known as dental bonding or cosmetic bonding, is used in dental practices all over the world to enhance the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. At Dove Dental & Wellbeing Spa in Earlsfield, we offer composite bonding treatments to patients that are looking to get their teeth fixed in as little time as possible and get back to their daily routine without any hassle or downtime. Whether you have one tooth that needs some cosmetic work or an entire smile that needs to be reconstructed, our expertly trained staff can help you achieve the results you desire with composite bonding treatment near you.
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What is ?

Smile Fast is an affordable cosmetic dentistry system which uses ground-breaking dental technology to create your custom-made composite veneer smile makeover. This process is not only quicker than traditional smile makeover options, it is also cost effective.



Benefits Of Smilefast

Smile Fast is an affordable cosmetic dentistry system which uses ground-breaking dental technology to create your custom-made composite veneer smile makeover. This process is not only quicker than traditional smile makeover options, it is also cost effective.

Smile Fast is a way to hide extensive staining and uneven texture, which are often the results of acid erosion. It can remove the appearance of unevenness and dark spots to make the teeth appear smoother and more aesthetically pleasing.


What Types of Teeth Can Be Treated With Composite Bonding?


The most common uses for composite bonding are to treat discoloured teeth and restore chipped or broken teeth. Composite bonding is suitable for all types of teeth, including molars, premolars and canines. It can also be used on both front and back teeth if you prefer a more natural-looking smile. If you’re interested in improving your smile with composite bonding at Dove Dental &  Wellbeing Spa, contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

What Should I Do Before My Appointment?

As soon as you notice a chipped tooth, you should schedule an appointment with Dove Dental and Wellbeing Spa for composite bonding treatment. Don’t wait to get a broken or damaged tooth repaired because doing so could compromise your dental health. To avoid costly treatment down the road, reach out to our dental clinic today to get started. 


After Care Advice 

In order to take care of your new, improved smile, you should keep your oral hygiene up to date, brush your teeth for at least two minutes and floss twice daily. Depending on the condition of your teeth, your dentist may suggest more than the basics from time to time and recommend an in-office cleaning.

Your Smile Makeover… In Just Three Stages!


Smile Design Assessment

Includes a smile simulation so you can visualise what your smile will look like before your treatment begins


Your Smile Trial

this is where you get to test drive your smile. You get a real feel of what your teeth look and feel like. You also get two weeks to whiten your teeth!


New Smile Reveal!

This is where we place the composite on your teeth to achieve your permanent smile, just as was seen in your smile trial!

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Composite Bonding FAQ

Does Composite Bonding Hurt?

Composite bonding is pain-free. The procedure itself does not cause any pain, only a bit of discomfort which is normal. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, don’t worry, as you are not alone. At Dove Dental and Wellbeing Spa, we aim to ensure that your time with us is as calm and as positive as possible.

Is Composite Bonding Safe?

We can assure you that our treatments are perfectly safe, as long as they’re conducted by an experienced practitioner with top-quality tools, who works in a sterile environment. Here at Dove Dental and Wellbeing Spa, we have all of these credentials, so your treatment will be performed safely and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve a straighter smile with composite bonding.


What Are The Alternatives To Composite Bonding?

If you’re considering a composite treatment, porcelain veneers are another option. These will last significantly longer than composite veneers. Compared to composite veneers, porcelain veneers application is slightly different as instead of applying a layer of composite material to the tooth, a thin layer of porcelain material will be applied over the tooth. The same effects of whitening and teeth straightening can be achieved, however, the key bonus is that porcelain veneers’ can’t be discoloured in the same way that composite materials can.

How to Whiten Composite Bonding?

For you to get your teeth whitened in addition to composite bonding, it is necessary to get the teeth whitening treatments done first. This ensures that the dentist can match the composite colours to your newly whitened teeth.


Is Composite Bonding Reversible?

You can reverse composite bonding as long as no alteration was made to your natural teeth. It will have a minimal negative effect on your natural teeth, provided they were not changed before the bonding process.



How Long Does Composite Bonding Procedure Take?

Cosmetic bonding generally takes up to an hour. The time required depends on how much treatment our dentist has planned for you and how many teeth will be worked on during that time. On top of that, you’ll need some time to relax and heal from any possible sensitivity caused by bonding procedures. In total, expect to spend three or four hours at your appointment.

How Much Is Composite Bonding?

A cheap way to fix moderate dental damage, composite bonding is typically cheaper than more invasive treatments such as crowns and porcelain veneers. Our dentist will give you an accurate estimate once they have examined your situation. However, approximate prices range from £100-£350 per tooth.