Dental Crown Earlsfield

Dental crowns are used to restore chipped or broken teeth back to their full health.


Otherwise known as caps, dental crowns can be considered as carefully fitted sleeves that sit over a tooth to protect it from further damage. Crowns can look and function like a natural tooth to enhance your overall smile.

Dental crowns are often recommended in situations:

  • To protect broken teeth

  • Protect teeth that have been weakened by decay

  • Protect teeth that have undergone root canal therapy

  • To strengthen a tooth that has suffered a crack or a fracture

  • To improve the appearance of teeth

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials. They can be metal (gold or silver coloured), a combination of metal with porcelain (tooth coloured) or made entirely of tooth coloured ceramic (such as e.max) for the most natural appearance.

We can discuss which options are available to you and what the benefits of those choices will be.