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Very pleased with the care that I have received. I had an emergency extraction appointment and was able to be seen very quickly. Throughout the appointment I was reassured as I was very nervous. Dr Johnston had a lovely manner and approach- highly recommend his services. – Chloe

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Johnston whose practice I have attended for a few years now for his great care and help with my teeth and would like to recommend him as the best dentist I have met. 

Always very friendly, thorough and professional in his manner and approach.  

I always feel reassured and at ease when attending my Dental appointments.  

Dr Johnston always explains the results of my teeth X-rays and any recommendations fully and if any treatment is required, with all the options available. 

Dr Johnston is very kind and considerate and gives me and my family great service of the highest standard. 

I know my dental needs are fully covered by Dr Johnston which gives me great peace of mind and would fully recommend Dr Johnston to any one as an excellent dentist. – Philip Wade

See and Hear Them Yourself!

‘Before I met Kevin, I had always suffered with anxiety when going to the dentist. Whether it was for a usual check-up, a filling or a tooth extraction, I always found myself dealing with sweaty palms, a knotted belly and a quickened heart rate before my appointment. I met Kevin for the first time in April 2019; this was the first time I had been seen by a dentist that was different to my usual dentist of 20 years! I recall telling him that I was nervous before I even sat in the chair and he just smiled, before he turned the topic of conversation on to me and my life to provide me with a subject that I could feel more comfortable about. I didn’t realise how he had helped me let go of some of my nervousness by not playing up to my comment, but instead acknowledging it silently and making me feel safe and at ease by building rapport with me. He didn’t overwhelm me with any information, instead he walked me through each step of the check-up and continuously made sure that I was okay. Following on from this appointment, I saw Kevin a handful of times over the next two months. I went from holding the hand of the dental assistant when Kevin had to inject me with anaesthetic to being able to open my eyes and watch him do it and not feel any anxiety at all. I don’t know how he did it, but he helped build my confidence and my trust in him in such a short space of time. Kevin possesses great empathy and is someone who you can tell is truly invested in wanting to better your experience and who genuinely cares about each of his patients on an individual level which is an addition to his level of professionalism that is rare to find. I no longer feel afraid about going to the dentist, instead I look forward to seeing Kevin and catching up with him. However, I know that if those anxious feelings ever did come back, Kevin would do as he did in the past and help me overcome them through gentle encouragement and answering my numerous questions with patience and kindness. As much as Kevin is my dentist, he has also become a friend and I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my teeth!’ – Zeenat