Teeth Whitening Wimbledon

Achieve whiter, brighter teeth. In the comfort of your own home, under your control, and at your own pace


For teeth whitening in Wimbledon, look no further than Dove Dental & Wellbeing Spa! Our teeth whitening treatment can give you the healthy, sparkling white smile you’ve always wanted, making it an excellent choice if you want to improve your dental health or take the next step towards becoming more confident with your smile. Our teeth whitening treatments are tailored to meet your specific dental needs. With our experienced team of dental professionals, we’re dedicated to providing only the highest quality teeth whitening treatments to all of our patients. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at Dove Dental!


What Is Teeth Whitening?

To find out if you’re a candidate for bright white teeth, contact us today. We can take care of all your dental needs under one roof. Teeth whitening is a common procedure that uses professional products to target and removes staining caused by certain foods and beverages. Teeth whitening uses bleaching solutions to make your teeth whiter. While it can be performed by our dentist, you can also have an at-home version performed with kits. But, if you’re looking for professional-grade results and live around Wimbledon, contact us at Dove Dental & Wellbeing Spa to book an appointment!

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Here are a few reasons why you should whiten your teeth:

    • Discolouration – Teeth can become stained over time, as the plaque that builds up on the teeth develops. Regular teeth whitening can keep teeth looking their best.
    • Smoking stains – Smoking is bad for your lungs, but it’s also bad for your teeth. The tar and nicotine that collects on your teeth will leave behind a persistent stain. Coffee and black tea can also stain your teeth. 
    • Yellowing with age – The enamel of our teeth is naturally yellow over time, causing them to darken with age. Without taking care of them by whitening our teeth, they will only continue to darken. Rejuvenate the appearance of youth with teeth whitening.
    • Events – If you are getting ready for an event or want your smile to look brighter in photos, this is a good reason to consider getting your teeth whitened.
    • Job Interviews – Having a white smile can make a difference in any job interview. Your first impression matters and a confident smile can have a lot to do with making a good first impression.

Teeth Whitening Process

    1. Our dentist will assess the shade of your teeth to see which ones need whitening.
    2. Our dentist will then brush and polish your teeth to remove any plaque.
    3. A barrier will be placed on the gums to prevent exposure to the rest of the teeth from the solution.
    4. Your teeth will be coated with a whitening bleach solution (hydrogen peroxide), for about 30 minutes.
    5. Your mouth will be rinsed thoroughly to eliminate any tooth whitening solution residue.
    6. After this procedure, our dentist will brush your teeth with fluoride varnish to maintain the freshness and whiteness of the teeth that you just attained.

Make sure to avoid foods and beverages with a high concentration of pigments, such as coffee, tea, tomato sauce, tomato juice, yellow mustard, beets, black grapes, candy, and red wine, for at least 24 hours following your treatment. Smoking or any form of tobacco should also be avoided.

Preventing Teeth Stains

Modifying a few of your habits may be all you need to combat tooth discolouration. If you’re a coffee drinker, consider lowering your intake or experimenting with a different beverage. Furthermore, make sure to get help for your smoking habit because it is bad for more than just your dental health. You can have healthy teeth by brushing, flossing and visiting our dental practice twice a year. Contact our dentist immediately if your teeth become more discoloured than they usually are, or if other symptoms arise.


 Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

    • Improved self-esteem
    • Better oral health
    • Comfortable and risk-free treatment
    • Guaranteed whiter results
    • Reliable treatment
    • Professional teeth whitening is safe
    • Fast results
    • A brighter smile
    • Long-lasting results (up to three years but can vary)
    • People will be more drawn to you
    • Your mouth will be healthier
    • Personalised treatment

Teeth Whitening Before and After

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?
Over time, teeth may naturally turn yellow as they lose their protective coating due to frequent chewing and exposure to acid in foods and drinks. While most teeth go yellow as they age, some are greyish and give the appearance of being stained with food, even though they’re not.
How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?
Teeth whitening is temporary. It typically lasts for a few months to up to three years – the effect can vary for individuals. It won’t last as long if you smoke or drink red wine, tea, or coffee, which can all stain your teeth.
What Should You Avoid Doing Before Teeth Whitening?
Make sure to avoid flossing teeth before you get your teeth whitened as it could cut your gums and make you sore afterwards. Using one’s regular mouthwash is sufficient. No need to skip out on eating before a teeth whitening appointment! You’ll need something in your stomach for a few hours after your appointment, so eat before you get your teeth whitened.
Is Teeth Whitening Painful?
Usually, teeth whitening is completely painless, but if you have weakened enamel, the process may cause sensitivity for a few days. The intensity of these side effects is proportionate to the strength of the peroxide bleach, the duration of the treatment, and the combination of the components used.


How To Prevent Teeth Staining
With only a few minor adjustments to your habits, you may be able to ward off tooth discolouration. If you are a coffee drinker, try cutting back or finding a new beverage. And if you smoke, find help to quit because it also impacts more than just your dental health. You could maintain a high level of dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist at least twice a year. You should also see your dentist if your teeth become unusually discoloured despite your best oral hygiene efforts, or if other symptoms present themselves.


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?
Teeth whitening price varies between dental practices. Generally, teeth whitening performed at home is less expensive than in-office whitening because you’re not spending as much time in the office. Contact Dove Dental and Wellbeing Spa for teeth whitening and schedule a consultation to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. You will have to pay for the consultation.